Setup email on an iPhone or iPad


Use the following steps to configure email for iOS on an iPhone or iPad.

Before you start:
A) Make sure you have the correct email settings for your account. Click here for a guide on finding your correct email settings. Other than the username (Email Address) and password, all settings will be exactly the same for all email accounts on the same domain.
B) If you're unsure what your email password is, click here for a guide on how to change it

  1. Select the 'Settings' button on the Home screen.


  2. Click on 'Accounts & Passwords' in the Settings.


  3. Click on 'Add Account' in the Accounts section

  4. Choose 'Other' as your email account type


  5. Select 'Add Mail Account' under the Mail section.


  6. On the New Account page, enter the following details:
    'Name': Name of the account
    'Email': The email address for the account, eg. ''
    'Password': Password for the email account.
    'Description': Textual description for the account


    Then click 'Next'.
  7. The device may attempt to retrieve the emails settings for the server. If it fails, continue with the following steps to configure the settings manually.
  8. Both POP and IMAP are supported on Crucial servers. Read about the difference between POP and IMAP before selecting the type of mail account you want to setup. Select 'POP' or 'IMAP' depending on your preference.


  9. After selecting the type of mail account, scroll down and fill in the details for the 'Incoming Mail Server' and 'Outgoing Mail Server'.

    Incoming Mail Server
    'Host Name':
    'Username': Your full email address, eg.
    'Password': The password to your email address


    Outgoing Mail Server
    'Host Name':
    'Username': Your full email address, eg.
    'Password': The password to your email address.


  10. Tap on 'Save'

    The device will try to verify the details entered. This process can take a while.
    If you are using a Self Signed SSL Certificate, you will get a warning saying 'Cannot Verify Server Identity', Click on 'continue'.
This completes the configuration of emails on your iPhone/iPad. You will now be able to send emails using your iPhone/iPad. You can verify this by sending an email to yourself.

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