Automatic Email Setup for iPhone / iPad


Automatic Email Setup for iPhone / iPad

Before you start:
A) If you don't have the email password, you can reset it here.
B) If automatic setup fails, you can also follow this guide to perform the setup manually.

Step 1 - Log into Webmail for the email account in question. You will need to log in from the iPhone/iPad that you're setting up the emails on.

Note: Alternatively, you can log into cPanel and navigate to Email Accounts then Connect Devices.

Step 2 (Optional) - If you have "Open my Inbox when I log in" enabled, you will need to select Webmail Home. Otherwise, proceed to Step 3.


Step 3 - Select Configure Mail Client down the bottom of the page.


Step 4 - Select IMAP over SSL/TLS next to "iOS for iPhone/iPad/iPod and MacOS".


Note: Depending on your iPhone/iPad, you may find that this box is smaller than normal, and you will need to scroll to the right to see the Protocols section.


Step 5 - Select Proceed.


Step 6 - Select Allow.


Step 7 - Select Close.


Step 8 - Navigate to your Settings app.


Step 9 - Select Profile Downloaded.


Step 10 - Select Install.


Step 11 - Enter in your iPhone/iPad password, then select Install again.


Step 12 - Enter the same password you used to log into Webmail, then click Next.


Step 13 - Select Done. The setup should now be completed.


Test the email account by sending an email from / to your email address (e.g. from to

For more tutorials on accessing emails and setting up email clients, view our Email Setup Guides.

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