What is a network outage?


What is a network outage?

There are numerous kinds of outages that may cause your server to become unavailable, a network outage is an example of an issue where there is no actual defect with your server, however there is an issue with the internet connection somewhere between your computer and the server itself.

While it's possible that network outages can occur from our end, we have multiple network links coming into our services from a number of different providers, as such if there is a network related failure, we can rapidly fail over to one of our secondary networks.

Network outages are most commonly caused by routing issues outside of our control, in these cases third party monitoring services may report your site as being offline, where in reality the server is running fine, and is accessible by most visitors, except for those affected by the same routing issue that's affecting the monitoring service.

This is why our internal monitoring is the best way to determine when an actual server outage occurs, rather than a limited network disruption.

We offer our internal proactive monitoring exclusively on our Fully Managed VPS service, and you can always check if there is a large scale outage via our Status Page.

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