What are Crucial's Name Servers?


What are Crucial's Name Servers?

Crucial's name servers are below, you will need to update the domain to match the following.

For Web Hosting customers
  • Nameserver 1: nssyd01.crucial.com.au
  • Nameserver 2: nsdal01.crucial.com.au
  • Nameserver 3: nssyd02.crucial.com.au

For Managed VPS customers:
  • Nameserver 1: nssyd01.aumanaged.com
  • Nameserver 2: nsdal01.aumanaged.com
  • Nameserver 3: nssyd02.aumanaged.com

For Reseller Hosting customers
  • Nameserver 1: nssyd01.clusterdns.net
  • Nameserver 2: nsdal01.clusterdns.net
  • Nameserver 3: nssyd02.clusterdns.net

For Client Area DNS manager
  • Nameserver 1: ns1.crucialdns.com
  • Nameserver 2: ns2.crucialdns.com
  • Nameserver 3: ns3.crucialdns.com

For Blaze, Control Panel and Barebones VPS plans, you will need to create your own Namservers through WHM. It's simple to do, just follow this guide.

You will then be able to make changes to the domain zone files.

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