What are Crucial's Google Apps for Work Terms and Conditions?


What are Crucial's Google Apps for Work Terms and Conditions?

Usage of Google Apps for Work is subject to our Terms & Conditions.

Crucial Managed Google Apps for Work Obligations

Contingent on your acceptance of these Terms of Service and the purchase of a related Crucial Managed Google Apps for Work Product, Crucial agrees to provide you with the Services and Support described herein.


16.1.1 Activation. Crucial will help you (i) create your customer domain; (ii) verify your ownership of the domain; (iii) provision your end user accounts on your customer domain; and (iv) activate your end user accounts.

16.1.2 Deployment. Crucial will help you gather and document your requirements for the migration of your email from your existing platform to Google Apps. Migration. If you require migration assistance, you represent and warrant that you have the right to migrate email in the manner requested and are authorised to allow Crucial access to your email as required to perform the requested services. You agree that if we, our affiliates, or any of our or their respective employees, agents, or suppliers is faced with a legal claim by a third party alleging facts that constitute a breach of your representation and warranty in this Subsection, then you will pay the cost of defending the claim (including reasonable attorney fees) and any damages award, fine or other amount imposed on Crucial as a result of the claim.

16.1.3 Configuration. Crucial will help you set-up your email, calendar, contacts, Google Drive Storage, and Google Vault (if purchased) in . Crucial may provide additional services related to the configuration of these applications as available. Google Drive Storage. You will receive access to the Google Drive Storage after completing the setup, provisioning and activation processes for the Services. Access to additional Google Drive Storage may be subject to additional fees and may require additional time for provisioning. If your account has fewer than five (5) end users, then each end user will only receive one (1) terabyte of storage. Google Vault. If you use Google Apps Vault, you agree that we have no obligation to retain any archived data beyond the retention period specified by you. If you do not renew your Agreement for Google Apps Vault, we have no obligation to retain any archived data following expiration of your Agreement. You represent and warrant that you will not order Google Apps Vault from Crucial if (i) you are an existing customer of Google Apps for Work, Google Drive Storage, or Google Apps Vault; (ii) you are an existing customer of Google Apps for Government; or (iii) you are an existing customer of any edition of Google Apps other than Google Apps for Work.


16.2.1 Crucial will provide a dedicated team for You to contact with any support requests related to the Services, and Crucial may also escalate support issues to Google on your behalf as needed. You shall submit all Support issues directly to Crucial via our available support channels with the contact information provided to you during the online signup process.

16.2.2 Alternatively, you may elect to submit certain support requests directly to Google, and Google will provide technical support services in accordance with the Google TOS; provided, however, that you may only submit Support requests to Google on the topics detailed in their Technical Support Services Guidelines. All other requests shall be directed to Crucial. However, we do not make any service level guarantees regarding support requests you submit directly to Google.

You must sign-up for the Services on the Crucial website, and Crucial will not provide Services or Support for accounts obtained directly from Google. You must give Crucial access to the Google Apps administrative console for your account in order for Crucial to provide the Services as well as any increased level of access that may be required on specific Support requests. If you fail to provide Crucial access to the Google Apps administrative console or attempt to restrict access we will be unable to provide you with support. You must use reasonable security precautions in connection with your use of the Services, including, but not limited to, encrypting any personally identifiable information transmitted to or from, or stored on the Services or storage devices you use. You must comply with the laws applicable to your use of the Services and with our Terms & Conditions.

16.4.1 General. You acknowledge that Crucial Managed Google Apps for Work includes Google Apps for Work and Crucial Services. Following your acceptance of these Terms of Service, you will be presented with the Google Terms of Service separately upon the initial log-in to the Google Apps administrative console (“Google TOS”). You have 21 days to accept Google’s Terms of Service before your account, and all associated data, will be terminated. You may not use the Services if you do not accept the Google TOS and these Terms of Service.

16.4.2 Restrictions. You may not resell, distribute, lease or allow another third party to use the Services. You may not engage in illegal or deceptive trade practices. If you engage in illegal or deceptive trade practices, Crucial or Google may directly terminate your Services immediately without notice to you.


16.5.1 You acknowledge that access to any Web Hosting only services to complement your Crucial Managed Google Apps for Work is contingent on the following terms. Access to any Web Hosting only products requires you to have an active Managed Google Apps service with us. We will advise you, prior to purchase, should a product fall within these terms. Should you decide to terminate your Managed Google Apps service and still have active, Web Hosting only services with us you authorise us to automatically upgrade your impacted services to our standard Web-Hosting product and associated pricing as disclosed on our website. You will not try to circumvent email restrictions placed on the lower cost services.


Section 5 of our Terms of Service takes precedence however the following billing and payment terms are applicable to the Crucial Managed Google Apps for Work Product.

16.6.1 We only accept credit card as a valid form of payment.

16.6.2 We do not provide pro-rata refunds to for unused service within the month. (e.g. If you utilise the Service for 50% of the month you will be charged a non-refundable amount for the full month).

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