Setup your email account in Gmail using POP


Setup your email account in Gmail using POP

Before You Start:

1 - Make sure your SPF record is enabled and has both and as includes If your Nameservers are with Crucial, click here for a guide on setting this. Otherwise, speak with your domain registrar to make this change.

2 - Get your email settings (click here for a guide)

Step 1 - Log into and go into the settings menu.


Step 2 - Click on Accounts and Imports then click Add a mail account


Step 3 -Add your email account then click Next


Step 4 - Select Import mail from my other accounts (POP3) then click Next


Step 5 - Put in your mail settings and click Add Account


Step 6 - Select Yes if you want to send mail from Gmail using that account, then click Next


Step 7 - Add a Name (can be anything you want), select Treat as an aliasthen click Next Step


Step 8 - Add your Outgoing Mail / SMTP settings and click Next


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