How to Create Secondary FTP Account in cPanel


How to Create Secondary FTP Account in cPanel

Note: You can use your cPanel Username / Password to log into FTP. However, if you're getting a developer or staff to access FTP, you may want to create a secondary account in order to keep your primary account and cPanel details safe

Step 1 - Log in to cPanel and click on the FTP Accounts icon


Step 2 -
Log In name is the username you set for the account
Domain is the domain this FTP account is meant to access
Password set this account's password
Directory Set to public_html if you want to give access to a Developer
Click on Create FTP Account to create the account


Step 3 - You will see the FTP account listed at the bottom of the page. Click Configure FTP Client to get the FTP details. You can give these and the password to the user for them to log in.


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