Create, Edit or Delete a Package in WHM


Create, Edit or Delete a Package in WHM

A package in WHM let's you set how much disk space, bandwidth, email accounts and other resources are alocated to a cPanel account you've created.
Make sure to log in to WHM before using these tutorials.

How To Create A Package
Note: Once you've created a package in WHM, you can create a cPanel account. Click here for a guide on doing that.

Step 1 - Click on the Add a Package tool


Step 2 - Add the Package Name and set the settings for this package. Click Add to add the package.

Note 1: You normally only need to focus on the Disk Quota and Monthly Bandwidth limits, as they'll relate to your plan's total usage limits. Others can be set to unlimited or left as default.
Note 2: On a reseller plan, you may not see all of these options as some only appear on VPS and Dedicated Server plans (As they have root access)



How To Edit Package Settings and Limits
NOTE: Once this is done, you will need to use the Upgrade/Downgrade an Account feature
Step 1 - Click the Edit a Package option


Step 2 - Select the package you want to edit and click Edit

Step 3 - Click Save Changes once you've updated the package


How To Delete A PackageStep 1 - Log in to WHM and find the Delete a Package tool


Step 2 - Select the package you want to remove and click Delete


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