Change The Primary Domain And Retain Email Accounts


How To Change The Primary Domain in cPanel And Retain Email Accounts

Normally, when you change the primary domain of a cPanel account, the email accounts will switch from @olddomain to @newdomain. However, there is a method you can use to preserver those email accounts and their contents.

NOTE 1: For Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting services, you will need to have us complete Step 4 for you, as doing this requires root server access. Just submit a support ticket through here and we'll get it done.

NOTE 2: This method is more of a "trick" as cPanel doesn't provide this function directly. While it's usually problem free, just to be safe, we recommend making and downloading a backup of /home/cpaneluser/mail/ and /home/cpaneluser/etc/ folders (clients on Web Hosting, Reseller and Managed VPS servers will have the most recent 7 days of automated backups with us by default).

Step 1 - Add your new domain as an Alias (click here for a guide)

Step 2 - Create an email account (something like in cPanel (click here for a guide)

Step 3 - Remove the new domain Alias from cPanel

Step 4 - Change the cPanel account's primary domain (click here for a guide)

Step 5 - Add the old domain as either an Addon or Alias

If you check the Email Accounts section of cPanel after this, you'll see that all the original email accounts and their contents are there. If this didn't work, feel free to submit a support ticket through here so we can resolve this for you.

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