Setting up my cPanel VPS


Setting up my cPanel VPS

Once you have ordered, paid for, and received the login details for your cPanel VPS you will be able to run through the set-up for WHM (Web Host Manager). Follow the steps below to run through the setup, this assumes you are logged into WHM.

Step 1

  • Click 'I Agree/Go to Step 2'

Step 2

  • In the 'Server Contact Email Address' field enter your email address
  • Ensure the name in 'This Server's Hostname' ends with a valid domain name

  • Click 'Save & Go to Step 3'

Step 3

  • Click 'Skip This Step and Use Default Settings'

Step 4

  • Scroll down and click 'Save & Go to Step 5'

Step 5

  • Click 'Skip This Step and Use Default Settings'

Step 6

  • Click 'Finish Setup Wizard'

  • If you are not redirected to WHM itself, click the 'Exit to WHM' button

If you see the following warning about a Trial Licence, then your installation of cPanel has not been licensed yet. Please submit a request to get it licensed.


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