Viewing the Bandwidth used by my Control Panel VPS


Viewing the Bandwidth used by my Control Panel VPS

To View the bandwidth statistics for your VPS service you can follow the steps below.

  1. Log into 'My Account' and select your VPS service under 'My Services'.


    You will see tools that available to manage your VPS service.

  2. Click on 'Advanced Control' to go to the VPS management page.


    You will now be taken to your Advanced Control panel where you can manage your VPS service.

  3. Go to 'Stats' then select 'Cloud Usage' to check your bandwidth statistics.



    You can select any date/month/year you wish to view your bandwidth.

  4. To obtain accurate results, please ensure you select 'Show in my timezone'.

Should you have any further questions regarding your bandwidth statistics, please submit a request to Sales or Accounts so they can assist you further or simply call us on 1300 884 839.

Please note: This feature is designed so that all VPS customers can view their complete bandwidth statistics. This will also include data you can find in cPanel/WHM. DO NOT reply on the data you see in cPanel/WHM as it will only give you your HTTP/Mail/FTP data. If you are looking for the entire bandwidth statistics for the month then your best option is to use your Advanced Control panel bandwidth tool.

Also note that Crucial do not provide bandwidth monitoring tools with the service. Third party software must be installed on your VPS if you wish to monitor this separately.

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