How to Redirect a Domain in cPanel and fix Broken Redirects


How to Redirect a Domain in cPanel and fix Broken Redirects

NOTE: These guides assume you're logged into cPanel
NOTE: This article would be considered outside of our support scope, if in doubt, please consult a developer

How to Redirect a Domain in cPanel
Step 1 - Click on the Redirects icon


Step 2 - (1) Select Permament (301) (2) Select the subdomain you want redirected (3) If you want to redirect a specific page, for example, add the shop part here, otherwise leave it blank (4) Add the like you want the redirect to go to. You need to add https:// at the front, but don't need to add www (5) Select Redirect with or without www. (6) Click Add

* The Wild Card Redirect option will, for example, redirect to the equivalent in the new domain, eg:


How to Fix Broken Redirects
Step 1 - Go into the Redirects option in cPanel and see what redirects you have added


Step 2 - First, delete the redirect from cPanel and try to re add it. Test once you've added it (make sure to hit the f5 key on your keyboard to force refresh the page on your website first, then test)

Step 3 - If that doesn't work, you need to edit your htaccess file (click here for a guide)

You will see a line at the bottom of the file with the redirect. It should look something like this


If it's not working, you need to cut just that single line and move it to the top of the file, then hit the Save button


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