How do I use the SSL Configuration Wizard?


How do I use the SSL Configuration Wizard?

This article is intended to walk you through using the SSL configuration wizard that is made available after you have successfully ordered and paid for an SSL Certificate through the crucial website.

To complete the steps listed below, you will need to login to your Crucial Account here.


Next, click on My Services > Options > View Details


Next just follow through the initial set up guide. Although most of this is self-explanatory, if you want to be safe, we've included a list below of the settings you would like entered in.

Quick Summary

For those who just want a super-quick explanation.

The wizard is broken up into 6 steps.
  1. DOMAIN - What domain is your SSL Certificate for? e.g. / / / *
  2. CSR GENERATION - We need some contact info to generate a CSR (certificate signing request) which is used by the certificate authority to create your SSL certificate.
  3. CONTACT INFO - The certificate authority requires an 'Administrative Contact' and a 'Technical Contact'. They can be the same details. By default, we pull info from your billing details.
  4. APPROVAL EMAIL - The CA will contact the approval email address to prove you are the owner of the domain. Ensure whatever email you choose is working prior to submitting.
  5. HOSTING SERVICE - Let us know what hosting service this SSL is for. Choose from the drop down list
  6. SUBMIT - If all the details look accurate, hit submit to get your SSL configured.
After you have submitted all the details will be passed to the certificate authority who will begin their process of approval. Look out for their emails!

If you do have any questions about the process, please see the detailed summary before.

Detailed Summary

Step 1 - Domain Name
The first step of the process is asking you to provide the domain name which the SSL Certificate is intended for.

There are multiple options here, so please review carefully,

  • If you want your users to use the SSL Certificate when accessing, then you need to enter in ''
  • If you want your users to use the SSL Certificate when accessing, then you need to enter '' (without the www).
  • If you want your users to use the SSL Certificate when accessing, then you need to enter ''
  • If you have purchased a Wildcard Certificate, then please put '*' (the asterisks signifies wildcard).
IMPORTANT! - Please choose this option carefully. Once a Certificate is issued, you can not change the domain the SSL is configured for.


Hit Next, when you have entered in accurate information.

Step 2 - CSR Generation

One of the key steps in generating an SSL Certificate is the 'CSR Request'. CSR stands for Certificate Signing Request. Basically, this requests is used by the Certificate Authority to generate your SSL Certificate.

So we provide an easy to use form, and do all the hardwork for you.

Ensure you provide accurate and truthful information as the details are reviewed by the Certificate Authority.

  • City - City of the associated business or site owner.
  • State - State of the associated business / site owner.
  • Country - Country of associated business / site owner
  • Company / Organization Name - This should be your business or organisation name. If this is for a personal site, then just put your site's name for example.
  • Division - This is generally used to identify which company / business department, team is responsible. For example 'Technology'.
  • Email Address - Email contact for SSL configuration. Can be a distribution list.


Hit Next, when you have entered in accurate information.

Step 3 - Contact Details
When purchasing an SSL Certificate, the Certificate Authority requests multiple contact details. An Administrative contact and a Technical contact.

Please use accurate and relevant contact information. You can use the same details for both contacts.

IMPORTANT! - If you are ordering an 'EV' based Certificate (like the Geotrust BusinessID EV Certificate) the Certificate Authority (e.g Geotrust) will contact the Administrative Contact (via email and phone) for further approval. The Technical Contact will be emailed the Certificate once the approval and generation process is complete by the Certificate Authority.

By default, we pre-fill these details with your primary billing contact details (the same details used to place the order via our website).

If you want to change these details please just hit the 'Custom' option next to each contact and enter in the relevant details.


Hit Next, when you have entered in the relevant contact details.

Step 4 - Approval Email
One of the final parts of configuring an SSL Certificate is selecting an 'Approval Email Address'. This email address is used by the Certificate Authority to email a 'confirmation' email which has a link that will require someone to follow and then 'approve' the process. This is used to confirm you are the legitimate owner of the domain name that the SSL Certificate is for.

The Certificate Authorities limit you to select from a specific range of email addresses. Some common options are '' and ''.


Please ensure the email address you select is working prior to completing this process.

If any of the email addresses required by the SSL Process doesn't exist, an ideal solution is to setup an alias / forwarder, to redirect one of the available options (eg, to your regular email address.


Hit Next, once you have selected the appropriate approval email address.

Step 5 - Associated Hosting Service
To ensure we can better assist you, install your SSL Certificate we are asking for you to choose from the associated hosting service that the SSL Certificate will be used on.

The list will only show hosting services associated with the billing account you ordered the SSL through.

Please choose the appropriate hosting service.

We will then use this information when we automatically open up a Help Ticket with our Support Team to install the certificate.

If the SSL is for an external service, or you would prefer to install it yourself, you can choose that option from the drop down box.


Hit Next, once you have selected the appropriate option.

Step 6 - Summary and Confirmation
The final step is just providing you a summary of all the details you provided and options you selected.

IMPORTANT! - Please review carefully, as once submitted the details can not be changed.

If any details are incorrect or need to be changed, simply hit the 'Back' button to go back to the relevant step.

If you want to completely start again, click the 'Start Over' button (This will delete all data you've entered in).


Hit Submit, once you have carefully reviewed all details and are happy to proceed.

What's Next?

Once you successfully submit your configuration details, the Certificate Authority will begin the approval process.

The process will vary depending on what certificate you have purchased.

Please keep an eye out for all emails from both us and the certificate authority.

Once your SSL has been approved and configured, you will receive the certificate from the Certificate Authority via email.

We will then automatically open up a Support Ticket so our team can work with you to get your newly configured SSL Certificate installed.

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