How do I upgrade my Idera Backup storage space?


How do I upgrade my Idera Backup storage space?

Keeping your servers backed up is important, especially when your business is growing. You may receive an email from our technical team if your R1soft backup's storage space has exceeded its backup quota, otherwise you can pro-actively increase this.

To upgrade or add storage space to backup your VPS you will need to start this from the Crucial Control Panel, to do this complete the following steps.

  1. Login to the Crucial Control Panel
  2. Once logged in, under 'My Services' select the server you wish to upgrade the Backup storage space

  3. Find 'Idera Server Backup (R1 Soft)' under 'Configurable Options' and click on the gear icon

  4. Select the new storage space size with or without SQL Add-on from the 'New Configuration' drop down.
    (If you use databases, cPanel or a content management system in your website you should select the storage space with SQL Add-on option. This will insure backups of all SQL database with your entire web server.)

    Please note, If you have a Barebones or Control Panel VPS, the only option will be to have backups enabled or disabled ('Yes' and 'No'). This will also cover databases.

  5. Click 'Proceed'
  6. Select a Payment Method and then select 'Continue'

  7. You will then be issued an invoice for the upgrade, the upgrade will take place once the invoice is paid
  8. Once paid, the server will then be configured with the changes

    Please note that root/Administrator access is required to configure the backups.
You will get an confirmation email once the upgrade is completed.

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