How do I obtain Remote Support? (Teamviewer)


How do I obtain Remote Support? (Teamviewer)

In some circumstances a Support team member needs to access your PC or Mac to solve a 'local' problem. In this scenario you may be requested by a Customer Support team member to use our Remote Support app.

Remote Support requires you to download and load a 'run once' app, which allows a team member to access your PC or Mac to carry out any actions needed to solve your problem.

Remote Support cannot be requested by you, it is only used upon request by a Customer Support team member.

How to use Remote Support

  1. Download either the Windows or Mac version of the Teamviewer Quick Support app:

  2. The Teamviewer Quick Support app will open with Crucial branding

  3. Provide 'Your ID' and the 'Password' to the agent.

  4. The agent can now connect to your PC or Mac and help with troubleshooting your issue.

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