What is a CDN and how do I add one to my website?


What is a CDN and how do I add one to my website?

Whether you're running a small personal blog, or operating a large ecommerce site, you will likely be able to benefit from adding your site to a Content Delivery Network.

What does a CDN actually do?

A Content Delivery Network (or CDN) will cache static content on your website, such as images and the basic page layout, on a large network all over the world.

This means that the heaviest elements of your site like the images and videos won't need to be downloaded from your server, they can be obtained directly from the CDN node with the closest proximity to the visitor, meaning less bandwidth usage on your server, and faster load times for the people browsing your site.

How do I set up a CDN on my site?

There are a number of different CDN services available, however we recommend CloudFlare, as this is very simple to set up, plus it's completely free to get started, so there's no excuse not to use it.

Detailed instructions on how to set this up for your site can be found here:

No matter which service you use with us, from our Web Hosting package to a Managed VPS, you will still be able to use these same instructions to supercharge your site.

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