How do I migrate my IMAP email account to Crucial?


How do I migrate my IMAP email account to Crucial?

Imapsync is an Imap mailbox synchronisation tool which allows the transfer of emails between two email accounts. It also brings over any folders and attachments which may be in use by the email accounts.

This is used to make sure that all email data is brought over during a migration, and ensures that the mail content is mirrored up until the point of going live off the new Crucial server.

Crucial also offers email migrations as a service for $149 for the first 2 mailboxes and $10 per additional mailboxes. More information on this can be found here -

This tool can be used with the majority of commonly used email servers, which means that no matter which hosting company you are migrating from we can safely accommodate the transfer of your email data.

All that is required in order to start the email migration is the following

  • Email accounts you wish to transfer
  • The email account's passwords
  • The IP address (or hostname) of the server you are migrating from
Note: That this will only work if the accounts have been setup as Imap in your email client (e.g Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird)
If it has been configured as POP then this method of mail transfer will not work, and you would need to look at taking a local email backup.

If you would like to get your migration underway, you can do so using this form.

Please include your email accounts and passwords in the details field if you wish to migrate your emails across.

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