Changing the Operating System of my Barebones VPS


Changing the Operating System of my Barebones VPS

If you want to rebuild the Operating System of your Barebones VPS you will need to upgrade the Barebones VPS in the My Account area. To do this complete the following steps.

Please note that this will remove any current data from the server

  1. Login to 'My Account'
  2. Once logged in, under 'My Services' select the server you wish to change


  3. Click on the blue gear icon for 'Operating Systems & Control Panel' under 'Configurable Options' on the right hand side


  4. Select the Operating System you want to have installed from the drop-down box and click the blue 'Continue' button


  5. Select a Payment Method and click 'Continue'

  6. You will now see an order confirmation screen
  7. If the upgrade is not free, you will then be issued an invoice for the upgrade, the upgrade will take effect once the invoice is paid

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