How do I reset Prestashop admin password?


How do I reset PrestaShop admin password?

Forgot my password

Step 1 - Open your PrestaShop admin domain in your browser, in this example we will be using

Step 2 - When you have your admin login page opened up, click on I forgot my password.

Step 3 - Enter in your (1) admin email and then click (2) Send.

Step 4 - Login to your email address and check for an email from PrestaShop for your new password.

Step 5 - Use the new password to login to your PrestaShop admin area - we advise that you update the password after you login.

Reset my PrestaShop password through cPanel

Step 1 - Login to your cPanel account and click on File Manager.

Step 2 - You will need to find in the folder where your Prestashop is installed (this is usually found in public_html/config/).

Open the file and note down the DB_NAME and COOKIE_KEY.



Step 3 - Go back to your cPanel page and then click on phpMyAdmin.


Step 4 - On the left hand side, select the database that is linked to your Prestashop website (found back in Step 2).


Step 5 - Find the ps**_employee table and click on it (note that the ** is for any alphanumeral character).


Step 6 - You will find a user list - select Edit on the user you wish to update the password for.


Step 7 - On the passwd row, select (1) MD5 for the Function - then copy and paste the (2) COOKIE_KEY from Step 2 into the Value field.

Once the key is pasted, enter in a (3) new password directly after the key, then press Go.



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