Generate a CSR from cPanel


Generate a CSR from cPanel

Step 1 - Login to your cPanel account and go the SSL/TLS.

Step 2 - Click on Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests.

Step 3 - Leave the Key Size as 2,048 bits.
Ensure you provide accurate and truthful information as the details are reviewed by the Certificate Authority.
  • Domains - Provide the Fully Qualified Domain Names that you wish to secure. If you are using a wildcard certificate use *
  • City - City of the associated business or site owner.
  • State - State of the associated business / site owner.
  • Country - Country of associated business / site owner
  • Company / Organization Name - This should be your business or organisation name. If this is for a personal site, then just put your site's name for example.
  • Company Division - This is generally used to identify which company / business department, team is responsible. For example 'Technology'.
  • Email Address - Email contact for SSL configuration. Can be a distribution list.
  • Passphrase - This is an optional field, only use it if your Certificate Authority requires it.
  • Description - This is also an optional field, feel free to include a description of the SSL certificate.

Step 4 - After you are done filling in the information, click on Generate on the bottom to generate the CSR.

Step 5 - Copy the details within Encoded Certificate Signing Request.

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